In the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People written by Stephen R. Covey, there is a section on what he calls the Six Paradigms of Human Interaction. These are Win/Win, Win/Lose, Lose/Win, Lose/Lose, and No Deal. You can find the start of this section on pg. 204 in the hardback version. Basically these are options for how a deal can turn out.

It is easy to say and think, as long as there is a win on my side then what do I care. That may be fine in the short term if you don’t care about the person but in reality it is very short sided. I have done my best to follow the rule of either Win/Win or No Deal since I read this for the first time years ago. Life is all about relationships and if you do a deal that is anything but Win/Win the odds of ever doing a deal with that person again is greatly diminished.

By making deals Win/Win I have built relationships that have resulted in repeated deals with the same person and as a result a larger long term profit for both parties. The second part of this is you have to be willing to be ok with no deal. If the deal is simply not coming together and one side is uncomfortable then acknowledge that fact and move on so that when there is a good deal for both parties down the road there are no hard feelings from previous deals.

In the book he goes into more detail so if you are interested it is a valuable read. The take away is live a Win/Win or No Deal life and you will build positive relationships that will last a lifetime.


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