Shock Your Body Get Results

I just came in from splitting firewood and it reminded me just how easy it is to get into an exercise routine. Obviously the habit of exercising regularly is a great habit to have, however always doing the exact same workouts can lead to a lack of results. When my daughter was born I made a point to exercise regularly. There were times when it was difficult to find the motivation, with the lack of sleep and drastic change of lifestyle, but for the most part I got out there and did it. Often this was a run while pushing her in a stroller. What I found was even with the exercise I was doing, my body was going in the wrong direction. I had gotten into a routine of doing the same two or three work outs without variation.

After about two and half years of this I mixed up my workouts a bit and was amazed at the results. I had sore muscles again and I instantly could feel that the workout had produced results. My body had gotten so used to my routine that it was not having to work as hard.

So shock your body! Instead of 30 min on the treadmill swim, bike, or row. Lift some weights or find some firewood to split. Whatever it is mix it up and mix it up regularly and the time you spend working out will be much more productive.


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