Plant Your Tree

I’m sure you have heard the saying “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the second best time is now!” It is rumored to be an ancient proverb but I have not been able to figure out exactly where it comes from. Never the less it is very insightful whether you have decided to become an apple farmer or you are planning for retirement. It is easy to kick things down the road to another time but at what costs?

Have you started saving for your kid’s college, or your retirement? There will always be an excuse to put things off but the bottom line is now is the time. In the case of saving you will never be able to make up that time. We may get into compounding interest in a different post but for now let’s just say it’s important for growth.

I see this as very applicable to education also, both for yourself and for your children. Knowledge has a way of growing over time layer by layer year by year. Getting started is the only way to grow that knowledge and eventually get it to bear fruit. Whether it is reading to your child or signing up for that class you have been thinking about, just go for it. This might be that business you have been putting off starting or literally the tree you one day hope to build a tree fort in. Whatever it is don’t put it off. Good things take time to grow so plant your tree!


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