The 30 Minute Walk

My wife and I took a class a few years back, called Peak Performance, taught by Dr. Ralph Vernacchia who was a sports psychologist at Western Washington University. Dr. Vernacchia spent time working with the U.S. Olympic Team and the short version is that he specialized in helping people get the best out of themselves.

During the class he talked about a thirty minute walk he would take every day. Used this as a tool to get the blood flowing and clear his mind. It was a no agenda stroll around campus. The fresh air and exercise split up the day which made him more efficient and it worked as a great stress reliever. My Dad was the one that told us about the class and he has done a great job of integrating a walk into his day. I have to be honest, I have yet to make it a habit. I try to work it in every now and then but it happens much less then it doesn’t. When I have fit it in I have found that it does wonders for all the points Dr. Vernacchia made.

I’m sure you are thinking, where do I find the thirty minutes in the day? Point well taken, as I have said most days I do not find the time. If you look at it as unproductive time then it is hard to fit in. If you look at it as a way to come back more efficient then it looks a little different. If you use the time to problem solve it may turn out to be down right productive. If you are able to relive stress then it will make you better in all aspects of life. I suggest you take a thirty minute to think this over.


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