Wooing the Chucks

 In the June issue of Success Magazine there is an article by John C. Maxwell titled “Wooing the Chucks.” It is a quick read with great points. Chucks, as he calls them, are people who are resistant to change. The point of the article is to overcome this resistance when entering into a new leadership position. He has ten ways to help make this potentially tough situation a successful one.

1. Start with compassion
2. Connect first
3. Influence the Influencers
4. Address resistance
5. Communicate your values
6. Learn from other leaders
7. Go forward boldly
8. Prioritize and act
9. Create wins for the organization
10. Equip leaders

Thinking back on points when I entered a situation as a new leader I can see how a lot of these points would have really helped me. It can be difficult to put yourself in the shoes of people who are already in place or even think to do so. If you are a new leader you are probably consumed by learning the new responsibilities and deciding what direction you want to take the group. I know that I often get tunnel vision and forget to consider the concerns others may be having.

Stepping back and looking at how others may be feeling can give you the opportunity to gain their respect and set a precedent for how great things are going to be going forward. Take their thoughts and concerns into consideration. Let people in on why you are changing the things you are. Simply seeing changes happen can be unsettling and be met with resistance. If it is explained prior to the actions, or even in accordance with, that fear can quickly be turned to excitement. Lead and lead your way but be cognizant of how critical your first actions as a leader will be for your entire time in that position.


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