Are Customers Really Always Right?

The age old saying of “The Customer is Always Right” seems to have stood the test of time but is it true? I believe whole hardily in customer service but sometimes we are doing our customers a disservice by being a yes man, or woman. If they are our customers, no matter the industry, then they are coming to us because we are the experts. So if you are the expert then act that way, if you don’t then you are doing a
disservice to your customer.

When I go to buy something, let’s take a TV for example, I tell the person at the electronics store to sell me a TV. I don’t want them to walk around the store with me and tell me that every TV I point to is great. I want them to tell me which is best and why. It may not be the most expensive but the one that will have the best picture for the price or the one that has the fewest returns. I may have an opinion of as a customer but I am no TV expert so good chance it is not right.

What you have to tell a customer may not be exactly what they want to hear but that may be because they are simply wrong. Don’t be afraid to share your expertise and tell a customer what you think or that they are wrong. Obviously tact and approach is important but be confident in the fact that telling them the truth is giving them good service. Good customers will appreciate this approach and be loyal as a result. Customers that want to always be right will likely blame you for them being wrong and will probably move on at some point anyway. Next time you are about to agree with a customer just because they are always right make sure that is really the best service you can give them.

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