No Power

There are a lot of ways a post with this title could go but this one is quite literal. We have been out of power for almost 24 hours now and not sure when it will be back on. Due to some crazy weather, power is out all around us so we could be in the dark for a couple more days. Thanks to great battery life on my Surface and a wifi hot spot on my phone I am not totally disconnected but it is so amazing just how reliant on power we are.

Our routines are built around our devices and electronics our reliance is almost constant. Even my three year hold daughter noticed immediately because the toy she wanted to play with needed power. I have had to make sure to limit my phone use so it doesn’t die and I make sure to charge it every time I get in the car. To be honest it is a little sad to see what a disrupter not having power is. It wasn’t that long ago that people didn’t have power at all and there are still lots of people in the world that don’t. But we people with our tablets and cell phones can’t imagine a minute without them.

The funny thing is after a little while it is nice to not have the constant hums and beeps. I actually think it has been a good brain exercise. We have had to get more creative with cooking and cleaning. We have had to problem solve to complete what on a normal day would be a mundane task. People are always talking about unplugging for a few hours but what about a true no power day. Let’s call it camping at home. We will be forced to break routines, find ways to entertain our kids, and maybe even talk to people that are in the same room as us. I am sure this is an idea that will vanish as soon as the humming comes back but right now it is nice to hear nothing but the birds outside. Try a no power day and let me know how it goes, I’m going to go try and keep everything in my freezer from melting.


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