Staying Healthy

I just got back from a little vacation over Labor Day weekend and I noticed that everyone seems a little run down, myself included. I’m going to chalk it up to playing a little too hard over the weekend but it also reminded me that this is that time of year that everyone starts to get sick. Kids go back to school, the weather starts to turn, and we are all cooped up together exchanging germs. I never think I will get sick then without fail in October I catch something along with everyone else.

I always hated getting sick but suffering alone wasn’t that bad, with a child I dread it. Their world does not stop just because you are sick and not sure about yours but mine still wants me to be the jungle gym, horse, servant, etc. Then there is work, not only does getting sick put you behind but inevitably it will run through the entire company. The loss of productivity is unrecoverable and everyone is miserable.

This year I’m going to try and keep everyone around me healthy and I’m going to start early, like tomorrow. I’m going to put every immune boosting option I can find in the snack area at work, fill the fridge with O.J. and, if I see so much as a sniffle I’m sending people home. I have my daughter taking her vitamins and we are eating vitamin C rich foods at all meals. Finally a wise man once told me that “When you feel like you are getting sick, act sick!” It sounds simple but how many of us ignore the signs of getting sick and just keep pushing until we drop. This year before you are stopped in your tracks take a break, act sick, and maybe you will only be down for a day instead of a week.

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