Knowing Your Strenghts

There you are, a customer is sitting in front of you asking you to do something that your company can do and would do well but is a little outside where your teams strengths really lie, do you take the job? How about the next time and the time after that? It is hard to say no to a paying customer but what are the costs of saying yes? Is that project done a little below your standards? Does it distract from a project that falls right into what your company does best? Does it end up costing you a job that would be more profitable? If you say yes to many times does your company lose its identity? I could go on and on but the point is in the end is straying from your strengths hurting your business?

It is easy to look at something a little different as an opportunity for growth but that is only the case if you are ready for that growth and in that direction. You need to have the correct team and systems in place to really take advantage of new opportunities. If you always just say yes no matter the project inevitably at some point you will not be putting your best foot forward and the trickle effect will negatively impact your company. I have an incredibly hard time saying no to anything. When I don’t say no I find my businesses actually become less profitable and moral goes down because people in the company are doing things that they don’t have a passion for.

Take the time to assess your company. See if you are playing to your strengths, if not, how might that be negatively impacting business? It may not be apparent right off the bat but really analyze your company. What are your most profitable jobs, when is team morale the highest, where are customers happiest. Know your strengths, use that knowledge, and your company benefit.

2 thoughts on “Knowing Your Strenghts

    • Agreed, we are working to refocus a bit at my construction company right now but it is extremely difficult to say no, especially after just coming out of a big recession where jobs were scarce.


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