Returning to Work

I am a big proponent of taking time off and clearing the mind. As I have written about before, breaking the routine is great for finding inspiration. As valuable as time away is it is still a challenge to return to work. I stay engaged when I am away, keeping up on emails and doing what I can, but inevitably things slip through the cracks in-between swimming in the pool and kicking it with Disney Princesses. I got in yesterday and have already tried to knock a few things off the list from home but I know Monday morning I will be buried and will pay for the time away all week.

At this point I realize all I have done is complain so what to do about it. I tried to clear my desk and pack in meetings before I left which will hopefully alleviate some of pressure. I have checked in so at least I know what is going on and should not be blindsided. I also have left my schedule totally open on Monday as if I was still on vacation. It will allow me to, in theory, have large chucks of uninterrupted time to plow through some work. It will also give me time to prepare for meetings later in the week.

Another thing I like to do is try and plan for a day off when I get back so that I’m not exhausted when I get in. At the very least it is nice to not come home late the day before. I was successful this trip coming home on a Friday but obviously sometimes duty calls and it is right back to the grind. Ultimately it will be busy before vacation and busy after but by tackling a few things while I’m away and having a great team back home to handle things while I’m gone makes the return bearable. Time to schedule the next trip!

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