Replace Coffee with Exercise

I am sure that everyone is going to think I am crazy for this post but I’m serious. Are the multiple cups of coffee in the morning really necessary or could a change in routine eliminate a few or even all of them? I was getting acupuncture last week, which I do monthly, and when I walked in my acupuncturist told me I looked tired. Never a compliment, but my response was that I was because I had not slept well the night before and as result I pushed snooze and didn’t even work out. Her response was “your workout is your coffee and you skipped it today.” I had never really thought of it that way. Drinking coffee is not something I have ever really picked up and I don’t feel that I need it. The habit that I have picked up is working out every morning before work.

Once it was brought to my attention, getting up and getting my body moving gets the blood flowing and gives me the boost I need to feel energized throughout the day. When I skip that morning workout I often feel like I could use a cup of coffee. I don’t think you really need to replace your coffee but try working out in the morning and see if you get that boost of energy. It can be challenging at the start but once you get in the routine you will find that you miss it on days that you skip. Worst case scenario you get in better shape, best case scenario you have a couple extra bucks in your pocket because you didn’t stop at the coffee shop on the way into work.

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