Giving Back!

It’s that time of year where we all spend too much money on the people we love, usually buying them stuff they really don’t need but it sure is fun to have something to open! This is also the time of year that is hardest for those that have the least. With my various companies over the years we have always tried to contribute to the community and give back. One of my favorite things we do is adopt a family. We did this with our hair salons and are now doing it with Moceri Construction. Last year we expanded how we give to include our whole company. In addition to the family we got a whole bunch of those tags for kids that has what they need or want from a coat to a remote-control car. What we do is anyone in our company that takes a tag can get reimbursed for up to $30 for what they purchase. We then gather up all the presents and deliver them to the organization that distributes them.

What has happened has been remarkable. Not only was the participation overwhelming but people have been amazingly generous. They all go above the $30 and some have gone way above to give these children a great holiday season.

This year my wife and I are going to take it a step further and start our daughter out at a young age by participating in this as well. We grabbed a few of the tickets and have already talked to her about buying gifts for a child that is less fortunate than her. Kids never cease to amaze me but I wasn’t sure she would get the concept. I was totally wrong, she gets it and is excited to go shopping for these children. I’m sure there will be a lesson to be taught once we get to the store and she will want something too but we are going to make sure she understands the value of giving over receiving.

So if you or your company can give a little this year then great, and if you can get your kids in the giving spirit as well even better. Happy Holidays!

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