Backing Up

I had an unfortunate incident this morning where my daughter had jumped off the counter on to me and my phone rang at the same time, I know what you are thinking, keep your kid off the counter. If you know how to achieve that then let me know! Anyway, she is in my arms after the leap and my phone is ringing, I reach for my phone and instead of picking it up I knocked it across the room. Now I throw my phone around quite a bit so I don’t think much of it but this time the result was a total black screen with very few signs of life. It will let me get into the boot menu but won’t actually boot up. After 30 minutes on the phone with Verizon they basically tell me I’m screwed, should have been backing up, and to order a new phone.

The phone really isn’t the big deal in this because it is an old piece of junk and all my contacts are backed up but the bummer thing is my pictures aren’t and I had some great video of my daughter doing knee slides last night on there. Moral of the story is, back up!

There are endless cloud options out there and the backing up can be totally automatic. At work, we have a two-pronged approach with a physical drive in the office that backs up to another physical drive as well as a cloud back up system that happens automatically. On the home front I am not nearly as good. I try to remember to back up regularly but things come from different places and it often falls to the bottom of the list. Hopefully you can learn from my mistake and back up today.

Since we are on the topic, remember to save so you have something to backup, I just hit control S. Here is to no data lost in 2017!


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