Workout With No Rest

When I wrote the “No Rest Workout” post I had the epiphany that not getting rest might be the bigger problem with working out than worrying about maximizing every second. I had always taken working out for granted prior to being a Dad. Whether it was going for a run or a pickup game of basketball it just seemed to happen. My fitness level would fluctuate but the exercise was worked in without much thought. That changed the second fatherhood began and it has not gone back. It is easy to blame it on lack of time but the more common culprit is probably lack of motivation due to lack of sleep. I’m not giving you an excuse here but just putting it on the table.

Now that we have addressed that there is an issue of being too tired to drag your butt to the gym, what do we do about it? What I did is just started setting my alarm earlier and did not allow myself to hit snooze. So where does the motivation come from? Well one thing I did is made this workout time also TV time.  Cartoon free TV viewing is very appealing no matter what the time of day. Once I got in the habit, the workout itself became the motivation. I had not realized how far I had slid. I started feeling better, seeping better, and having all around more energy.

It may be a challenge to get the habit started but once you do the exercise will help offset the lack of rest you are getting. We owe it to ourselves and our families to keep our bodies healthy no matter how hard it may seem. Find a way to fit in one workout and build from there.

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