Break Routine to Get Creative

I often find myself doing the exact same routine for days, weeks, and months. The routine rarely breaks and the aha moments all but disappear. The innovation stops as I go through my routines day in and day out. When I break that routine, I am always pleasantly surprised at what comes out of it. Sometimes it is as simple as taking half a day to go explore a nearby town. Maybe it is a trip to Maui or camping out in the woods. Some of my best ideas have come pool side when my brain is truly free to wonder.

Give yourself something new to look at or a different place to read. Check out businesses that you have not seen before and your creative juices will start to flow. You might solve a problem you have been working through for weeks or come up with a way to streamline a procedure at work. It might give you the motivation to clean the garage or make you more fun when playing with your kid.

Creativity is the key to innovation and problem solving and without it life would be boring. Give yourself the opportunity to be creative by getting out and breaking routine.



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