1% Infinity

One percent infinity is the idea that if you focus on improving just one percent at a time you will incrementally get a little better and over the long term see great improvements. This isn’t a new idea and I’m not sure who first came up with it, but it is something that can be applied to all facets of life.

Let’s start out with a financial example where the numbers can be very clear. Pretend you have the goal of paying off your home loan of $300,000 in 15 years instead of 30. You might decide to start saving money and make one big payment at the end of the year. That is a great plan, but the end of the year might come, and you spend more than expected on Christmas. The intention of the plan is great but actually saving up a large sum and then using it on the purpose intended is easier said then done. If we apply the 1% infinity, instead of saving up to make that large payment maybe we start off with overpaying your mortgage by just 1% which might only be $15 and slowly increasing that each month. It won’t seem like much but if you do that each and every month you will see the months and years tick off amortization schedule.

Another way to look at it would be from a health stand point. This may not be as clear cut as when talking numbers, but the idea is the same. Trying to get fit all at once can be a daunting task that never happens. When it is going to take some extreme diet or the gym at 6:00am it is easy to make excuses and never start or quit very quickly. If we do it little by little, not only is it easier to get started but, easier to continue doing. Each day just try and make your health 1% better. It might be eating more vegetables, going for a walk, or taking a yoga class once a week. Maybe you skip desert on Saturday or have water instead of soda with dinner. One big change I made was to stop buying ice cream. It sounds like no big deal and for many people it isn’t but for me if it is in the house then I’m eating it. I find that if I simply don’t buy it the temptation isn’t there and I don’t miss it… well that much.

For entrepreneurs this can be a great way to continuously improve your business without becoming totally consumed by it. It is easy when you have your own business to get lost in your work and never step away. There is always more to do but what are you sacrificing. By following 1% infinity you have the reassurance that you are always improving your business but without it dominating every bit of your time. With Moceri Construction I try to pick one thing everyday that may get overlooked in the course of a busy day that will just make things 1% better. This can be simple like making an Instagram post or reaching out to organizing my customer files.

Whatever area you are wanting to make improvements in give the 1% infinity a try. As you try this the 1% is the easy part. Tomorrow you might wake up and grab a piece of fruit for breakfast as your 1%. The hard part is the infinity but that is the key to making these small steps lead to big improvements. Good luck and send me a message letting me know what your 1% is for tomorrow.


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