The Walking Meeting

Most of us seem to spend a lot of time in meetings, it is a big part of the way business gets done and decisions get made. It is inevitable that we will spend a fair amount of time in conference rooms and coffee shops working to solve a problem, make a decision, or simply to make a connection. I was about to have one of those standard meetings at a coffee shop when the person asked if I would like to go on a walk instead. I loved the idea and since then I have been scheduling walking meetings whenever it is an option.

New studies are coming out saying that sitting is the new smoking, most of us don’t move nearly enough. My experience isn’t that people want to sit all day but that it is necessary for their profession. We most likely are not going to do away with sitting all together. A standing desk can be an improvement and the treadmill desk is always an option and those are probably an improvement but I don’t think it gets to the root of the problem that we really just need to get out and move.

The walking meeting is a great option to get you just a little more exercise and fresh air. I feel more energized in the meetings and with that more creative. You never know what you might see that may spark a thought or give you a little different perspective. In reality it is a combination of the 30 minute walk and breaking your routine which are two of my previous posts.

Next time you schedule a meeting, if you are not pouring over documents and being on the move will work give the walk a try.


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