Patience: My Word for 2018

I was pestering Lindsey, my wife, for a hair cut tonight, she is a hair stylist by training hence the salons we used to own, and she told me my word for 2018 should be patience. I didn’t know I needed a word for the year but then I got to thinking and she is right that a little patience on my end would go a long way. I bet this is the case for lots of you out there.

Lindsey was expressing that I need more patience with her and our daughter in our personal life. I often rush and get frustrated when they are not ready to do whatever it is that we are supposed to be doing. It can be getting ready to leave the house or sitting down to watch a movie. Lindsey is correct that I need to realize that life with a wife and five-year-old daughter may move at different pace then what I’m used to and the only way I will keep from upsetting them and keeping my blood pressure from boiling over is to learn to be patient. Easier said then done but I will give it a whirl.

The more I think about this the more I realize that if patience is my word for the year it could probably step outside my personal realm and help in other aspects of my life. I am the type of person that likes to dive into things and go full bore. This has proven to be beneficial at times but has also resulted in some decisions that certainly could have been more well thought out. Whether it is investing or business, having some patience can pay off big time in the long run. It may be taking a little more time to analyze a market or allowing a better offer to materialize. Could be making sure the timing is right to add a new team member.

When it comes to health I think patience can really pay off as well. We all want results immediately but being healthy takes time and we must be patient. There is no magic bullet that is going to make us healthy and keep us healthy. Eating heathy takes a lot of patience, unfortunately the healthy food is usually not fast. We also need to be patient while the exercise and healthy eating takes hold. The statistic that I have heard is that to lose weight in a healthy way you should only be dropping 1-2 pounds a week. If the goal is getting fit it takes time to work your body back into shape without injury. How many times have you decided it is time to get back to it and you go to hard to fast only to set yourself back. A little patience in this situation probably gets you to your end goal sooner and hopefully in a method that is more easily maintained.

So, whatever it you are doing this year try to make patience a part of it. let me know how it works. I will report back as well, wish me luck!

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