Personality Test: Step 1

At Moceri Construction,, we are currently going through the process of going from a single owner to a six-headed monster where there are multiple owners. More on that in future blogs but in this process, we have decided to bring in some outside consultation for planning. They have recommended we all take personality tests as a first step to this process. We feel like we all know each other well, these are my family members and best friends, but he thinks it will allow us to understand each other even better and speak the same language. We brought him in knowing that we don’t know it all, so we are diving in!

Now, where to dive? In a quick Google search, it reveals that you could take personality tests non-stop for the rest of your life and never take them all. There are people who for a fee will administer the test for you and then tell you what the results mean. There are options for buying online summaries and wading through the results yourself. There are also lots and lots of free options. Checking Amazon I could also read books for weeks on the subject.

Wading through information and with some input from the consultant we have narrowed it down to a DISC or Meyers Briggs assessment but still have a lot to learn. Any input is welcome! I will update as we move forward on this process as it is an interesting process that I hope will yield positive results!

2 thoughts on “Personality Test: Step 1

  1. I have found that a personality test is most helpful for self awareness rather than utilizing the results to analyze and manipulate others. Using the results to tone down your own overly strong traits and working to bump up the traits on the other side can help interaction with others you work closely. Good luck and looking forward to hearing about the company transition.

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    • Thanks Scott, I have now taken the DISC test and totally agree. It is a very enlightening process. I’m going to blog about the whole process. I hope that it will be beneficial for our group. Thanks for reading!


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