Character: Super Bowl Edition

With the Super Bowl tomorrow there is a lot of talk about this dynasty that the Patriots have built and been able to sustain for over a decade. Their success can really only be compared to likes of John Wooden’s UCLA teams and Bill Russell’s NBA career. To a lesser degree Michael Jordan’s Bulls and Greg Popovich’s Spurs. The NFL has never seen a run like this and in the salary cap era of sports it is not something that is expected. So how have the Patriots pulled it off and what can be learned from their success that could transfer into your own life.

This morning I read an article in USA Today entitled “Is the Patriots’ Secret Weapon their Character Coach?” The article points out that the Patriots are the only NFL team that employs a character coach, so it got me thinking. How much of a difference could that really make? They need still need the correct game plan and the skills to execute. Can character make that much of a difference? It just might. In a league that is filled with brilliant coaches and amazing athletes maybe there isn’t as much separating teams as it seems. With everyone in the organization being on the same page and buying into the same goal it might be enough to put them over the edge. Let’s not discount that that have the GOAT (greatest of all time) at quarterback, in Tom Brady, and possibly the GOAT at coach, in Bill Belichick, but maybe they also have the GOAT at character coach as well in Jack Easterby.

If this can produce results never seen before in the NFL, what can it do for other businesses? When selecting our team members for Moceri Construction, and in the past at the salons, I have always put a stress on getting the correct personalities in place. For met that is someone I would enjoy working next to all day knowing that I may not be doing that but some of our other team members will be for sure. In that, without realizing it I have also been selecting people with good character. I have not been 100% on this but the people that are with us for the long run most certainly have good character. In looking back there is no doubt that having teams filled with individuals that their character is important to them has been integral to our success.

I have also been fortunate in my personal to have been surrounded, mostly, by people with good character. Again, it has happened naturally, so I can’t take any credit for it, but I have no doubt that it has contributed in a large part to my success and overall, happy, positive life.

I don’t know how tomorrow will go but I do know I will not be betting against the Patriots or their character coach. In your personal and professional life pay attention to the character of the people you surround yourself with and see where it leads. I know I will be paying more attention and I bet some NFL teams may be doing so as well.

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