Personality Test: Step 2

It has been a few weeks since I posted step one of my Personality Test process and I have made some ground. After some discussion and research, we decided on the DISC test, I also found a great book on using paperclips to figure out personality traits, but I will save that for another post. We landed on the DISC test for a couple reasons. It was the initial recommendation by the consultant we are working with and as I investigated the options it seemed to be straight forward and simple to understand while providing complex layers of information. I found a ton online and took a handful to see which route would be best for the group to take. I also interviewed a local consultant that would administer the test and interpret the results for a fee. While I can see the value in what he offered we decided not to take that step at this time. We landed on taking the version we found on Tony Robbins website. The test was free and took about 20 minutes. Upon Completion of the test I received approximately a fifty-page report!

I had pretty low expectations for what the test would tell me about myself and my coworkers that I have known personally and professionally for most, if not all, of my life. We have not reviewed each other’s reports yet but was very impressed by how enlightening the results were in looking at myself. Some of the results were as I expected and confirmed what I already thought. Others were surprising and made me think about some of my actions in a very different way. I am still dissecting the fifty-pages and we are going to analyze them as a group next week so more to come.

My main take away at this point is in a process that I thought would tell me a lot about my coworkers has in fact told me a lot about myself and I think will end up being the most beneficial piece in the end.


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