Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

A month ago, I did a post about collaboration and Fawn Morgan, the owner of Office Help Center, responded with the quote “Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe” by one of her team members, Serena Grimes. I loved the quote and asked if I could steal it for a post. It would be easy to write the quote off as something a surfer said in passing but if you take it to heart it can be very impactful.

On a personal level sending out the correct vibe decides who does and does not want to spend time with you. I have been extremely fortunate over the years that out of dumb luck I must have been sending out a good vibe because I have had great friends! In your teens and 20’s these are the people who will shape you and help get you through some tough times. They are also the ones that are there when you make questionable decisions. As you get older they are the people you leave your kid with without a concern. Friends can be the best part of life if you are sending out the correct vibe and if not, they can be the ones that drag you down.

Professionally the tribe you form are the people you work with and there is a good chance you will end up spending more time with them than your family. Your vibe is also determining the customers you are attracting. Are you bringing in your ideal customer? If not, maybe the way you are presenting yourself and your business is turning off that great customer. Who you get to work with can be the difference in success and failure or mediocracy and excellence.

Whether personally or professionally look at your tribe, if you would like it to change take a look at your vibe.

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