Use Your Legs

I was playing basketball yesterday morning and at one point in the game I missed a couple shots in a row and made the comment “I have no legs.” That saying is a very common thing to hear in a pick-up game of basketball but what is uncommon is a response. This Junior in high school on the court happened to over hear me and his response was “You have legs you just aren’t using them.” I was blown away by his perfect response and the fact that it came out of a seventeen-year-old. My mindset flipped, and I hit my next shot. Now, instead of using my fatigue as an excuse I adjusted to my current situation, focused more on using my legs and I was back to being productive on the court.

This concept is so transferable off the court. So often we have a little set back and instead of rising to the occasion we allow it to defeat us. For the most part all our tools are always available, we just at times must work harder to access them. Being aware of the setback and using it as a motivator instead of a deterrent can turn a negative into a positive. When the recession hit in 2008 at Moceri Construction we felt like we had no legs. The situation was certainly a negative but after the initial shock that the phone had stopped ringing we focused on the opportunities that were still out there and started working to make things happen. There is no doubt that the recession had a negative impact financially but as a company we came out stronger because in a time of weakness we were forced to improve both our strengths and weaknesses.

Whether in business, investing, exercise, or daily life we are constantly faced with feeling that we have no legs. When these situations arise, you have two choices. Give in to the set back and accept it as a forgone conclusion or focus and use it as an opportunity to get through that moment and come out the other side improved.


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