“Permanent Beta”

In the April 2018 issue of Entrepreneur Magazine Reid Hoffman, Cofounder of LinkedIn, is quoted describing entrepreneurs as being in a state of permanent beta. His description in two words describes a person that never is always innovating, tweaking, searching, and never settled. Entrepreneurship is a funny thing that can be difficult to explain to people that don’t have the bug. Being an entrepreneur is not something that has a beginning and end. There are goals along the way and there are milestones but what this quote has made me realize is that those things are just sights along the way.

I have set many goals personally, professionally, and financially. Some I have reached, most I am still striving for. Whenever I set these goals I have always set them with the idea that it was some sort of finality. I get to that point and I’m done. I will be content and can live out my life in a state of relaxation. The reality is that most the time before I have even reached a goal I move it out to some other point. I see this in other entrepreneurs as well. No matter the original plan the route is in a constant state of flux. There are tweaks to the original plan and often ideas that turn the original course on its head or cause it to be abandoned all together.

I personally don’t see anything wrong with this approach and, thrive in these kinds of environments. Both in business and real estate I am always exploring new ideas and trying to come up with creative new approaches. The challenge of living in a constant state of flux is to still make progress and profit. It is a fine balance of working to create and grow while surviving and actually accomplishing something. I get great enjoyment learning about and working with other entrepreneurs. It is exciting to watch the creativity and energy that comes out of someone willing to go for it, whatever it is.

Until reading this quote I didn’t understand that I was in a permanent state of beta but now that I am aware I am totally fine with it. I love being in an ever-changing state always trying new things to reach new loftier goals. I would probably be totally unsettled living any other way.

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