In the June 2018 issue of Men’s Health there is an article, “Fried” that is a great read. No, unfortunately not about fried food. It is about burnout at work. It talks about common things like unplugging from your phone and unfair compensation, but it also mentions less obvious ones like not having your job be your identity and feeling a lack of control. There are quite a few causes discussed that can cause burnout and there are potential solutions with each one.

It is a good read whether you are burned out or if you are leading people that may be burned out. At the end of the article there are the following six questions which if you answer yes to three or more I would really suggest looking up the article for more details. Here they are!

  1. Are you chronically – that is, more often than not – physically and emotionally exhausted?
  2. Do you feel a persistent sense of cynicism? That everybody and everything bugs you or rubs you the wrong way?
  3. Have you started to lose empathy for your coworkers or clients?
  4. Do you feel a sense of ineffectiveness, that you can’t process, or handle work the way you used to?
  5. Are you feeling physically ill more frequently? Do colds and flus come on after the adrenaline from big assignments wears off?
  6. Is every curve ball a crisis? Do you overreact to minor last-minute changes to plans or assignments?

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