Company reviews come with a negative connotation. There is this idea that it is the death march into the boss’s office to get told all the things you are doing wrong. My take on reviews is a lot different then the typical scene in an 80’s movie. It is not that it must be all sunshine and roses, and I am a big proponent of constructive criticism, but it should be a positive experience. My approach for reviews is to use it as a time to improve the company as a whole. Yes, we want to improve the individual, but that individual also has great insight into how the company can improve as well. It is easy to sit in your comfortable chair and assume you know best but the reality is you’re a fool if you are not getting input from your entire team.

In my reviews we discuss the company as much as the individual. I do want to make sure they are happy in their role, having the ability to improve, and discuss areas of improvement. It is important that you are willing to discuss the tough topics. I also ask what we are doing well as a company and where we can improve. Often people are hesitant to give constructive criticism about the company but I do not give them the option to not come up with something and when they do it is great stuff. They have ideas for efficiency and point out week points that would otherwise go unnoticed. You will be amazed to find out how much your team is thinking about the business and the insights they have.

Take the opportunity to use reviews to connect with individuals, highlight their strength, and discuss ways to improve weaknesses. Also take advantage of the opportunity to get a review of your company from a unique perspective. Make reviews positive and you will find that it is something that your team looks forward to and a great tool for improving your business. How are reviews approached at your place of business?

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