Lessons Learned: Computer Monitor

I have found that a few times a year the modern technology that is supposed to make my life easier goes sideways crippling all productivity. Not only does the loss of whatever item causes an issue, but I find myself in this frustrating state where I don’t want to move on to something else until the problem is resolved. This exact scenario happened to me on Friday sending me into a black hole of googling, guessing and checking, and contacting technical support. Finally, at a point of extreme frustration, due to the lack of help from technical support and my own inability to solve the problem, I resorted to taking the monitor completely apart.

Let me take a step back and explain the issue. My monitor at 9:04 am on Friday completely froze, I know the exact time because I stared at it all day! My surface connects to my monitor wirelessly so fortunately I did still have my small screen for looking up potential solutions to the problem. After doing the easy steps of pulling cords and resetting the monitor I reached out to technical support who had my try a few more steps that did nothing. The reason I decided to take the monitor apart is because, even though technical support said there wasn’t, I thought there might be a battery inside that was keeping the screen frozen. There wasn’t. I finally walked away deciding I would buy a new monitor on Monday.

Over the weekend I woke up in the middle of the night, probably from a horrible dream involving monitors, and realized that there is no way a monitor could save what was on the screen and that the wireless device that talks to my Surface was probably the issue.  So, first thing this morning I looked at the unit, pushed the reset button on the device and presto problem solved! I know what you are thinking, I could have titled this post “Don’t Be a Moron!” So, what was learned?

Lesson 1: Don’t overlook the obvious. Most issues have a simple answer.

Lesson 2: Step away from the problem and the answer may reveal itself.

Lesson 3: Technology is your friend, and your enemy. Limit how it influences your productivity.

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