Cross Training

It is common to implement cross training into our physical world, there are plenty of known benefits, so the diversity gets implemented as part of most training plans. When we cross over into the business world this cross training rarely occurs. People dive into their chosen business and once there tend to focus on that world. They may do trainings, join professional groups or go to conferences but more often than not geared towards their specific business. There is without a doubt benefits to this and you can certainly learn from your peers, but I also think there are huge benefits to learning about other businesses as well.

With every business venture I have done I have always learned valuable lessons that I have been able to transfer across industries. It is remarkable how from one industry to another how basically the same task will be done differently. Lately I have been learning a lot about selling women’s clothing on line because of  I would have never expected to, learn about this subject, let alone have it be useful to construction, but it absolutely is. From online marketing to customer service I have gleaned a lot of useful knowledge.

I am not proposing you go out and start a ton of businesses but even studying other types of business can be very productive. It can boost creativity and offer unique solutions to what may be a standard problem in your industry. It is easy for an industry to get tired or a business to get stuck in the same routines. Studying what businesses do outside your industry can give you ideas that may set you apart or make you a disrupter. For example, studying how a great hotel treats it’s guests may teach you how to improve your customer service in a way that leaves your competition in the dust.

From financial systems to human resources there are wide variations between businesses. Try implementing some cross training into your professional life and see if it works as well as in your physical world.

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