Summer Break

It was not intentional, but I ended up taking a bit of a summer break from the blog. I wasn’t planning on it but with the combination of the summer building season at Moceri Construction and lots of playing in the sun it never made it to the top of the list. As I got a few weeks out from a post I started feeling like I really needed to get a post up. After another week went by without the inspiration to write anything I decided that maybe a break was exactly what I needed. When the time was right I would feel inspired and hopefully produce something worthwhile instead of forcing it. The rain has returned and I’m feeling inspired!

What I want to talk about today isn’t just the fact that I took a break but just how valuable a break can be. Growing up I loved summer break. It wasn’t just that I liked being away from school but I loved the feeling of returning to school. There was this renewed energy that came from entering a new year with different teachers and classes. New opportunities were available, and an inspired feeling was in the air. I will never forget the feeling that annual reset gave me.

Once you find yourself in the “real world” you have to find a way to create these breaks because they rarely happen on their own. This is personally an area I really need to work on. So, what should a break look like? I feel like this answer is going to be different for everyone. A vacation is an obvious one but like most people by the time I start to feel relaxed it is time to go home. So, while vacations are a piece of the puzzle they need some more pieces to go with them. I recently learned of an acquaintance who is taking a two-month sabbatical to go learn wine making in Europe. This seems like an incredible opportunity but not necessarily a realistic option for most people. The complete opposite end of the spectrum for me is taking breaks from tasks whether it be for a few hours, days, weeks or months. If there are responsibilities in your life or at work that can function without your constant attention let them do so for a bit. The goal is not to neglect areas of your life but to rest that part of your brain so that when you come back you are that much stronger just as if you were giving a muscle group a break from working it out. Find ways to create breaks, big or small, that work for you and figure out how to implement them into your life.

Whether it is year traveling the globe or having the neighbor kid mow your lawn for a month, learn how to build in breaks and you will see the benefits across the board.


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