Welcome to my first ever post about insects! Not really. It’s about that funny feeling in your stomach when you are nervous or excited. My daughter has had some big events happening in her little life like jumping off the diving board and starting kindergarten. She is quite the thinker and really internalizes everything which can cause her to get anxious about big events. Recently we were talking before one of these major life events and I told her that you get the butterflies in your stomach right before great memories are created. I am not sure where I heard this so no one is getting credit. It seemed to sit well with her and I have been thinking about the idea a lot since I said it.

How many times have those butterflies appeared in your stomach and afterward some of your favorite memories were created? They are often accompanied by clammy hands, sweating, or even nausea but afterwards is the feeling that you really did something. You might be overcoming a fear of heights, asking your boss for a raise, or making an offer on a house. Whatever it is, know that those butterflies are telling you that something great is about to happen, not to stop what you are doing. It is these moments that move us forward in life and are the stories you will tell when you are old. Get past that nervousness, overcome that fear, embrace those butterflies, and create some memories!

Disclaimer: Use some semblance of logic when embracing the butterflies. On occasion those butterflies are there to protect you! Don’t poke the bear or the memory may be short lived!

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