I recently read the book Lifeonare by Steve Cook and Shawn McCloskey and thought the premise was worth talking about. The book itself is an OK read, my biggest criticism is parts of it read like brochure for their seminars, but it does have a good overall theme it is trying to get across. The idea behind the book is that instead of trying to make a bunch of money in hopes that once you have a bunch of money you will be happy and enjoy life but instead to be happy and enjoy life right now. To do this, the idea is to make a plan for how you would live your ideal life and then figure out financially get yourself there as opposed to working and spending in a way may never get you to the point of enjoying life. A big part of the message is to prioritize what is important to you and see if they are in line with what you are doing. One example they gave was does it make sense to work for your tail off missing time with your family to buy a cabin in the woods so that you can someday enjoy time with your family at that cabin? Or, would you be better off to work less and rent a cabin in the woods or simply go camping and be able to start enjoying your family right now? There is a lot of talk in the book about reducing living costs by having a simpler home and fewer toys. Another example is a boat that you may have or want to have but, you don’t have time to use it anyway.

There is also a lot of discussion about really defining priorities in life and working to make those priorities the things you actually spend your time doing. It is easy to say that spending time with friends and family are the priority, but often those priorities get pushed aside because there are parts of life that feel more important. So, the idea is to design your life in a way that the priorities can stay the priorities by removing or controlling the things that are pulling you away.

I personally really like the message it gets across of living that simple life that allows you to spend the time doing what you want to be doing instead of what you feel like you have to be doing. I personally have not done a good job of living that simple life and in doing so it would certainly free up a lot of time to do other things. It is easier said than done though because it is hard to say no shiny objects. For me shiny objects are being involved in too many things and VW vans that break down all the time, see Lessons Learned: 1987 VW Vanagon. For you I’m sure it is something else. The point is, are those shiny objects really what’s important or are they distractions?

Lifeonare or Millionare? Does it have to be either or? Probably not but maybe. It really depends on the life you really want to live. What are those priorities and what can you do to start living the life you want to be living right now? It isn’t an easy question and it’s not one that you will likely answer overnight. I see it as a process with simple things that can be implemented immediately and complex things that may take years to work through. My plan is to jump all over the simple ones and bite off pieces of the more complex ones. There is no wrong answer as long as you get yourself to be living the life you want to be.


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