Patience: Year In Review

In 2018 I was given a word of the year by Lindsey, my wife, and that word was Patience. When I did the post, I promised a report so here it is. While I can’t say I am a more patient person I can say that having the word on my mind resulted in me exercising more patience at times. In areas of my life where it is more difficult to be impulsive, like investing, I was certainly more patient. As I talked about in my Patience: Real Estate post, I felt like the market 2018 was a good year to be patient on hold properties and I resisted some temptations and did not buy a hold property last year. Professionally I will admit that it was day to day. I exercised some patience at times but when juices were flowing and I was caffeinated up I did slip back to my old ways of impulsivity.

Personally, is where I felt like I did the best. When on a walk with the family and I would find myself walking fifteen feet in front of them I would think of my word and slow down. I tried to take a breath when my daughter challenged my patience and even excepted that my old dog may not move as quick as she used to. I have also begun exercising patience with my diet. I have taken the approach that if I am patient and wait for an opportunity to find a healthy option, I will feel better, and my doctor will be happier with me.

It was a challenging word to be my first word of the year, but Lindsey chose the right one. I feel like thinking about the word patient has become a habit so with luck it will carry on through this year. Let me know if you tried exercising patience in 2018 and if you have a word for 2019. I have come up with a new word for 2019 so be patient, and I will post about it soon!

2 thoughts on “Patience: Year In Review

  1. Nice reflection Tony, especially in regard to your family. What you said reminds me that patience is an expression of love!

    Wisdom is the word that comes to me for 2019. Especially the wisdom I need to use the limited time and gifts that I have to offer to achieve the greatest amount of good.

    Have a great 2018!


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