Being Super

Well, we have another year and once again the Patriots are back in the Super Bowl. It is a hard pill for me to swallow. As the Patriots have been on their unprecedented run, I watched them beat the Seahawks in heartbreaking fashion. Then as a life long Chiefs fan I watched them knock my team out of the playoffs a couple of weeks ago. I would go into more detail about how I set my TV to record a week earlier knowing I would be flying during the game and not be able to watch it. How I left my phone in airplane mode until 1:30 in the morning when I had finished watching the game so that I wouldn’t find out who one. Or how I had to literally put my hand over my mouth to keep from yelling and waking up my family during the game, but the sting is still too fresh, so I’ll move on.

As painful as watching the success has been, I simply can not discount what they have done. I watch in awe year after year as they stay at the top of a league that is designed for equality among teams. Players come and go but through it all Bill Belichick and Tom Brady just do nothing but win. Last year when they were in the Super Bowl I posted about them having a character coach which I’m sure can’t hurt but if it was that easy every team would have ten character coaches. So, what is it? In reality it is anyone’s best guess but from watching this duo for almost two decades I have some ideas.

Bill Belichick may end up going down as the best coach in history, certainly NFL history. He doesn’t say much so gleaning tidbits from him is challenging but from what I have heard and read he has some traits that set him apart. Even with all the success he is incredibly hard working. Going to, or winning, a Super Bowl is not a reason to take an extended vacation. When it is time to work, he works, and it sounds like he works tirelessly. There is no doubt that he is an incredibly intelligent man but there are lots of smart people out there. What I think really sets him apart is his creativity and ability to solve problems. Over the years his teams have experienced tons of injuries yet no matter what, even when it looks like the rein is over, he finds a way to pull it all together. He doesn’t limit himself to having one type of offence or focusing on defense. He takes what he has and finds a way to have success no matter the setback.

As good as Belichick is, there is no doubt that having Tom Brady has contributed in a big way. I personally was always on the Joe Montana bandwagon for best Quarterback of all time, but I think that ship has sailed. It is hard to argue for anyone besides Tom Brady at this point. His success is second to no one and his longevity and consistency are allowing to people to rethink what athletes and humans are capable off. Sacrifice is the first thing that come to my mind when thinking of Brady. Yes, he has reaped amazing rewards but at what costs? He, unlike Belichick, is not shy about how he has gotten to where he is. He has a fitness regimen that dominates his schedule. His life revolves around his workout and recovery schedule. He eats a diet that to most would seem extreme so that his body stays in peak health. If avocado ice cream is the tastiest thing you can look forward to then that’s sacrifice! He is also, like Belichick, extremely hard working. He has never been the fastest or strongest person at his position, but he has studied the game and knows how to execute. He puts in the time and effort to make sure that when the game is on the line, he will have the knowledge and ability to make the necessary play.

Was all this success predestined when this duo got together, are they the perfect storm? Maybe, or maybe they committed to doing what one else would be willing to do. Putting in more time and more effort to reach the pinnacle of success. I am not saying all the sacrifice is worth it or that you should be this driven towards one goal because there is obviously more to life then Super Bowl’s. What I am saying is there a is a lot to be learned from this pair if your goal is to be super!

2 thoughts on “Being Super

  1. Grammar and spelling aside, this is well written Tony. I am sure most football fans are in the “anyone but the Patriots” camp but you are right, there is no denying their deserved success. Nice job.

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