It Just Doesn’t Matter

Lindsey, my wife for those that don’t know, occasionally reads my blog. When I ask her about my posts, she usually gives me a shrug which I take as a compliment. The one comment she has given me is that I am authentic in my posts. I hadn’t really noticed but in looking back I think she is correct. So, for the sake of authenticity I want to set the scene.

I am currently on an Alaska Airlines flight flight typing on my Microsoft Surface that just barely fits on the tray that will need to be in its full and upright locked position in about 45 minutes. Not joking at all the flight attendant almost knocked it off about two minutes ago. I have a bag of cashews in my lap and full disclosure I am a few drinks in. So far on this flight I have watched a documentary on Bill Murray and a stand up special by Jerry Seinfeld, both available on Netflix. The content I have been watching and the beverages I have been drinking are most likely what has led to this attempt at humor.

Now that you have the scene I can get to my point. The Bill Murray documentary it about how he just shows up in these random places and allows life to happen. I am not going to get into the details of the film, but it is a good watch. In the documentary there is a clip of Bill Murry screaming “It Just Doesn’t Matter” and a little proverb to go with it. The point of this part of the documentary is that in life things are going to happen that are totally out of your control. Some will seem bad and turn out to be good. Others will seem good and turn out to be bad. The point is that as things happen in life it is important to take those events in stride.

One of the examples in the proverb was a farmer who had his horse run away. In the moment this seems like a horrible event that could ruin the farmers life. However, the next day the horse comes back and not by itself, but with a bunch of wild horses which the farmer adds to his farm making what seemed like a disaster actually a blessing. I’m not suggesting that you need to not care about what happens or that you have no control over what happens in your life but maybe in the moment we can react with the perspective that the situation we are currently in may not turn out how we think it will.

I obviously have no idea, but I get the impression that Bill Murray and Jerry Seinfeld both approach life this way. They don’t sweat the small stuff and they seem to enjoy the small details of life. They both have enjoyed unimaginable success yet find joy in the everyday activities. It is easy to get wrapped up in the moment and feel like the current event is the most important thing that has ever happened. There is a chance that it is, or maybe “It Just Doesn’t Matter.”

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