Turn an L into a W

It is inevitable in life that you will end up in with some losses along the way and how you respond to those loses will determine how you progress in life. It is easy to see a loss as a defeat and a reason to give up. A loss is an easy out when something is hard or not going your way. A loss can be the end of a journey. Or, a loss can be a lesson.  Nelson Mandela once said, “I never lose, I either win or learn.”

If you take Mandela’s approach to life it changes your whole perspective. Instead of a loss being a reason to quit it becomes an opportunity to grow. That loss on the record book can turn into a win in life if looked at in the correct way. With every loss there is an opportunity to reflect and learn from what just happened. That opportunity is not always there with a win. Having your weaknesses revealed and dealing with defeat can bring out the best in you if you give yourself the opportunity.

The losses are inevitable in the short term but unlike in a sports season where your record is set in stone. In the long road of life if you learn from those losses you have the opportunity to look back and see a perfect record by turning those L’s turn into W’s.

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