Flip Cup

I was recently at an Easter egg hunt at our friend’s house when randomly a game of Flip Cup broke out. You may be thinking that an Easter egg hunt would be a strange place for a game of flip cup to be played or you may be thinking, what the heck is Flip Cup? Feel free to Google and probably find great videos of the game in action but I’ll give you the quick version.

The game is played with two teams lined up on either side of a table with everyone having a Solo Cup in front of them filled with a beverage of their choice. The game is a relay race where each person in order must drink the contents of their cup as quickly as possible and then set the cup down with the base hanging slight over the edge of the table. You then tap the bottom of the cup attempting to get it to land upside down. You keep flipping until you successfully do this at which point your next teammate may go.

As you might imagine this game is often found on college campuses across the land and yes, I am going to now use this game, that is most often associated with frat houses, as a metaphor for life. It is a game of sheer joy and excitement as the contents of the cup hits your lip and you envision the perfect flip. It is a frantic pace from the start as you down your beverage as quickly as possible. The cheers from your teammates start immediately and the pressure is intense as you set the cup down and the game transitions from an all-out sprint to one of finesse. Once you have the euphoria of successfully flipping the cup you quickly turn into supportive teammate and coach as the result of the game is out of your hands and you must rely on your trusted teammates. As you might imagine as you go through multiple rounds the game can become more and more challenging depending on the contents of the cup.

Life often gives us these moments where we feel like we are at a sprint. We are surrounded by noise and just when we think it can’t get any crazier, we must compose ourselves and handle situations with skill and finesses. More intensity won’t help, you can’t just push through you must compose yourself, slow down, and execute this one task in front of you. It is easy when the mayhem of life hits to become a bull however, it is often a much more subtle touch that is required. It is adding just enough force to have success without toppling over.

Through practice you can improve both the sprints and the more subtle parts of life. Both can seem easy, when practiced individually. It is when you are forced, with foggy head and the chaos of life around you, that the transition becomes challenging. It is both being aware of what is required and having the composure to slow down and approach the task at hand in a methodical, skilled manner.

At this point you may be thinking that you are a person that can handle the pressure. You rise to the occasion when necessary, but that is the beauty of Flip Cup. While you may be prepared to down your drink and get the perfect flip, you also must surround yourself with people who have also honed the necessary skills to handle this delicate balance. When this combination is achieved you and your team will celebrate with all your cups elegantly sitting upside down while those across the table topple and spill.

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