How’s the Weather?

Before you start reading this do me a favor and turn on the weather channel, check the weather on your phone, and take a look outside to see what the weather is up to.

Great! Thanks for doing that, now you are prepared to have a conversation with someone because it seems like the weather is an extremely important topic for everyone. That or we just are not creative enough to come up with anything else to talk about. It is crazy to me that this is the world we live in. It doesn’t seem to matter if it is someone we just meet, or our best friend, for some reason our default is to talk about the weather. It is obviously an easy topic that we all have in common, but does anyone really care? There are a few times during the year where the weather is very impactful, the rest of the time it just is, and we never have any control over it.

This is what I would like to propose. Unless you have a wedding coming up or are about to pour some concrete let’s agree to lighten up on the weather talk. We can all stop wasting oxygen and cover topics that matter. Ask people if they have any vacations planned, or how their kids are doing. Maybe they have an interesting project they are working on or just changed careers. At this point we are so trained to default to the weather I think any other topic will be an improvement so it doesn’t have to be earth shattering or even insightful, just something that is new, and who knows where the conversation will go.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

New favorite restaurant

A great blog you read at

Making soup in a Keurig – yup, it’s a thing

Great hikes in the area

S’more recipes – I like two Chewy Chips Ahoy with a marshmallow in-between!


Pod Casts

Sailing off the edge of the earth

Methods for getting kids to eat vegetables

Methods for getting yourself to eat vegetables

Deepest darkest secrets

Ways to open a bottle without a bottle opener

You get the point, there are infinite topics out there for us all to discuss. If we can all break away from the default even a little bit just imagine what we might learn. Don’t be afraid to give this a whirl, my prediction is that the people you are conversing with will love this approach. I can’t wait to hear what conversation you end up having!

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