Ride It Don’t Fight It

I’m currently sitting at Alta Lake, in Eastern Washington, watching the waves as my neighbors for the night get ready for bed. We are on a family camping trip and today my daughter and I were out on our paddle board. It wasn’t the calmest day on the lake and the ski boats were adding to the wind driven chop. My daughter, almost seven, was concerned that the board would flip. I assured her that while I may fall off, the board would just float right over the waves. To keep me from getting us both wet she started the mantra of “Ride it don’t fight it” any time surge of waves came our way.

She and I have been discussing my blog and we decided it could be a useful post as the mantra can relate to other aspects of life. So often in life we face waves and must decide if we are going to catch a it and go for a ride or to get swallowed up. We are presented with a great opportunity and instead of riding the wave, for whatever reason we choose to fight. It may be nerves, the possibility of failure, or simply having to break our routine. This fighting can not only lead to missed opportunities but often may lead to us falling on our face. We see the wave coming and we tense up, bracing for the fight, ensuring that when the wave comes, down we go. I have experienced this many times when paddle boarding. When I try with all my might not to fall is when I’m going swimming for sure. When I relax and just ride the wave, up and down I go without a wobble while still progressing forward.

The waves of life are inevitable. They will always be stronger than you and they never get tired so save your energy for battles that can be won. Be sure to keep an eye out for the waves and remember the seven-year old’s mantra and “Ride it don’t fight it.”

Alta Lake Washington

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