Repacking My Bag

A friend of mine recommended that I read the book Repacking Your Bags by Richard Leider and I’m glad I took his advice. While reading the book I instantly knew I would be doing a blog post about it. The book is about simplifying your life and uses a backpack as the metaphor that if you remove the stuff you don’t need you lighten your load. As someone who is much better at piling on than getting rid of, it was a very good suggestion. I did get a lot out of the book, mainly that I need to get rid of a VW Van (since I wrote this I actually did sell the van!)  and could simplify things in my professional world as well to allow for more head space.

I could certainly go into more detail about what I got out of it but I’m not going to because I referred it to another friend, and she is getting so much more out of the book! She isn’t just reading the book she is living the book which is what it is designed for. It has exercises in it that have you send post cards reflecting on life to someone. Not only did she send post cards, but she has sent letters! Yes, full blown handwritten letters. I didn’t get the calligraphy treatment but still impressive.

In getting these letters it made me realize just how quickly I can blow through things and just how committed she is to improving herself. She is putting more effort into this book than lots of people do at their jobs. So, this post is no longer about repacking my bag but about the effort that we all could be putting forth if we truly want to get better.

Whether it is improving your investments, starting your own business, becoming a better parent, or finishing that 5k, ask yourself if you are really putting for the effort to make it happen. My friend, Ria, is putting in the effort, that is clear. I have no doubt that her bag will be fully repacked, and I will just have one less broken-down van. I recommend the book; it is a good read and has valuable lessons but more importantly put the effort into whatever you are focused on right now and I have no doubt that you will see improved results!

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