Working on Vacation

It has become that time of year where the leaves have dropped, and I like to escape the chilly wet weather and find myself in warmer climates. I have read articles about how it is necessary to unplug when you get away. Turn the phone off, don’t check e-mails, and just leave it all behind. Call me unhealthy but that is not my reality and I don’t want it to be. I for one love working on vacation. Some of my best work has happened pool side, outside of Disneyland, or watching the waves. In fact, not that I feel this is work, but most of my blog posts are written when I’m away. It isn’t that I go on vacation to work, but I find that work just happens. Sometimes it is out of necessity because a customer needs something or a deal is closing but more often than not it is because I am more inspired.

Vacation is when I have the time to read something new, experience new businesses, or just relax and let the mind wander. One take is that I can get burnt out from never truly getting away. Another take might be that by being very productive while away I can get away more often. Knowing that this was a goal of mine, years ago I started setting up ways that allowed me to both be productive and enjoy traveling. It took time to set up both the systems and the infrastructure to be able to achieve this.

Once I set up the ability to work while away, I had to figure out the balance of enjoying my time with my family, while still being able to be productive. It means that there are times where I am totally unplugged, but there are times where I plug in for a bit and mow grass.

I understand that this is not for everyone and if you are an unplug type of person then more power to you. I find that by creating this flexible work situation it allows me to both leave and return from vacation stress free because I know that all the work will be or is already done. I get to come up with fresh ideas because of my state of mind while away and can often have them in action before I return. If you have the ability in your life to create this situation give it a try. You may go back to leaving your computer behind or you may find that it allows a freedom you never thought was possible.

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