Attitude: Carona Virus

When I selected my word of 2020 to be attitude, I chose it based off incredible attitudes I had witnessed in 2019. My plan was, and still is, to share those stories with you throughout the year. What I had no idea was how important the word would end up being for myself and the rest of world.

We are together facing a frightening situation. It is scary because this virus is like the Boogie Man. We can’t see it, yet it could be lurking behind every door. It has taken what is most valuable to humans, each other, way from us. We need human connection and are a species that lives in tribes. Now for the sake of protecting our tribe it cannot form. It is unnatural, emotional, and scary.

On top of fearing for the health of those around us and ourselves we know that once we win this fight, we will have another one on our hands in the form of an economic one. That one too will be long and scary. We will face great challenges and be forced to make tough decisions but all the more reason why we will all need each other to over come it.

The way we are going to pull this all off, so the elderly can go to the grocery store and our kids can go back to school, is by having a great attitude. We are already seeing it with nurses, doctors, scientists, farmers, manufacturers, grocery store workers, and everyone else that is on the front lines. They have their can-do attitude in hand, and they are saving lives, providing food, and coming up with treatments that will eradicate Covid-19.

In addition to that fighting attitude we need a positive attitude to go with it. We know that things are going to be hard, but we will face these challenges in a positive way. Whether it is being sick or out of work having a positive attitude will help you, and everyone around you, pull through. I was fortunate to be included on a discussion yesterday with a group of entrepreneurs which was organized by Leo Cohen, of the Building Bellingham Podcast. The theme of the discussion started around pivoting but by the end it had switched to empathy. The strong message that came out of the discussion was that everyone is struggling in their own way right now, so we need to understand that and be empathetic.

To achieve this empathy, we must go into every interaction with a positive attitude. Whether it is home schooling, dealing with the unemployment department, or figuring out how to keep people working, our attitude is going to direct those interactions. Be positive and patient. You are likely spending more time than normal with a select few people. Show them your best attitude and understand that they are in the same boat.

I have enormous confidence in humanities ability to overcome this challenge and I know with a great attitude we will do exactly that. Stay Healthy!

Covid Mask

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