Sage Mindset Podcast

Today I had the opportunity to record a podcast with Kyle Gillette of Gillette Solutions for his Sage Mindset podcast. When you read this, it will be few weeks later and the podcast will be live. I will put a link at the bottom in an effort to get you to read my whole post.

This was the first podcast I had been a part of, and I was a little nervous to start. Hopefully Kyle is good at editing and it doesn’t come across too bad. Once we got rolling and into the subject of building a team, I got more comfortable and it started to feel like a discussion. Aside from listening to podcasts I really knew very little of the process. It was fun to discussing possible topics beforehand, figuring out the mic and, finally getting to hear the finished product. As I struggled through my ineptitude of the process Kyle was very polite.

I love doing new things, and I think it is important to get out of my comfort zone, so that part was very cool. What really amazed me though was how much I really liked having the discussion. Once I got comfortable it was great to watch Kyle at work as he asked questions to draw out information and help me develop my thoughts. There is certainly a skill there that takes some crafting.

I won’t go into a ton of detail on the podcast here but in essence we discuss what it takes to build a team, attract great people, keep great people, and how to lead that team. I hope you find the discussion interesting and useful. I also hope I didn’t totally bomb. I am excited to get your feedback. You can find the podcast wherever you normally listen or by clicking on one of the links below. Enjoy!

Apple Podcasts

Pod Bean


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