Lessons Learned: Camping in the Rain

The rain fly did it’s job!

Last year, Leavenworth, this year, Mazama. The meteorologists all said it would rain. No matter how many times I checked or how many times I chose not to believe them, there was no doubting away the rain. Last year we stuck it out through the thunderstorm the first night but with mud twelve inches up on everything we decided to call it and get a hotel the next night as the heavens continued to unload.

It’s about twelve months later and I’m writing this in the tent as I listen to the rain bounce off the tent. The first drops hit at 4:00am at which point I scurried around with my headlamp folding up chairs and stashing away shoes to prevent everything from being soaked. Even at 4:00am as the first drops fell, I continued to doubt mother nature. It had been a brilliant starlit sky when I went to bed, so I assumed it was just a passing cloud. Well, at 6:30am this cloud seems pretty large.

It’s clear I’m a slow learner but what have I learned? Trust the weather report? Maybe, but they still let me down on a regular basis. Never trust a Pacific Northwest sky? For sure. But, I think the real lesson is that the best laid plans going awry is not always a bad thing. Often those plans changing create the best memories. In Leavenworth we ended up at the Enzian with a pool in the basement and a horn blowing, lederhosen wearing, German man at breakfast. We will never forget this trip to Leavenworth and because of this rain I’m sure we won’t forget our trip to Mazama. The jury is still out on what will come of this trip. Maybe out will come the sun to dry up all the rain or maybe I will be packing up a wet campsite and seeking out another place for the night. Whatever Happens I will roll with it and embrace the unplanned.

Update: I am happy to report that the rain did stop and the sun did come out allowing for another comfortable night of camping.

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