The 3 P’s

A Shuttle which is hit in the game of Torques

For those of you that don’t know this about me I am a full-blown yard game junkie. I bring games with me everywhere I go, I am the annoying guy at the barbecue trying to get people to play games, my family is constantly on my case about the number of games I own, and I have an Instagram page dedicated to yard games, @yardgamenation. I was recently listening to Toss Talk, which is a podcast about yard games hosted by Kelvin Sealy, and in his interview with Scott Peterson, the creator of Torques, they got into a discussion about Peterson’s mantra I thought I should share.

Peterson, about twenty years ago reimagined how the game of badminton could be played and started his life as an inventor. He ended up starting P3 Creativity LLC naming his company after his three keys for running a business, passion, patience, and persistence. As I continued to mow the lawn listening to Sealy and Peterson discuss business, I began to think about just how spot on Peterson’s business name was.

When people envision starting a business it is fun and exciting. All the focus is on the pieces they will enjoy. Those pieces vary from person to person, it could but, the inventing, the marketing, the networking, or some other piece but very few think about all it takes to actually start and run a successful business. Overnight success in business happens in fairy tales but in real life it’s a grind that can take years, and for many the business will fold before reaching that point.

Passion – When Peterson began his entrepreneurial endeavor, he grasped what it would take to make his vision a reality. He began by finding something he was passionate about. As a tennis player, he saw a way to merge the game with badminton by redesigning the birdie allowing it to travel much further and be struck by a tennis racket. In doing so he not only invented a new product but created a whole new sport.

Patience – Bringing anything to market is a daunting task and Peterson knew it would not happen overnight. He was going down a new road and he would have to be patient as the necessary elements came to fruition. Without patience as the years drag on it is easy to give up and move on to something else.

Persistence – Products don’t create themselves and there is no one there to tell an entrepreneur to go to work. It takes self-motivation and consistently doing the things that need to be done to keep moving forward. Peterson understood that he would have to be persistent as he worked through the steps if he was to find success.

By putting his mantra in his business name Peterson could not help but have it at the fore front of his thinking. This approach led him to successfully bring multiple products to market and created a new sport. As you work towards a goal, whether it be starting a business or something else, keep the 3 P’s in mind while you patiently wait as your persistent work leads to achieving something you are passionate about.

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