It’s The Little Things

In life it is so often the little things that make a big difference and in this case that little thing was a tiny little dog bed. We recently ordered some new dog beds online, this is a strong argument for shopping local, and what showed up were two tiny little dog beds. They were vacuum sealed like I have never seen so while they looked small, we thought maybe it was like the bed in the box thing and they would get bigger. We opened one up put the stuffing into the shell while in tears from laughing so hard at the size of this thing.

Hazel, our nearly fourteen-year-old German Short Hair, loves new beds and did her best to squeeze in but her flexibility is not what it once was, so she abandoned it returning to her old bed. The younger poodle who always gets her bed stolen has decided that she will make do with this little thing. It is important to note that no matter how large the bed her head always seems to be on the floor.

Watching her lay there so content made me realize how easy it is to overlook the little things. A nice fall day, spending time with friends, a good meal, or the laughter garnered from not only unpacking the tiny little bed but your dog’s staring at you in wonderment as to why they are being prompted to lay on it. Enjoy the little things!

2 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things

  1. Love the story! We have two 60+ pounders in our house now, they’d never tolerate a tiny bed either. We ended up springing for good foam at Hardware Sales, and Janie sewed a cover. Peace at last.

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