Use Your Legs

I was playing basketball yesterday morning and at one point in the game I missed a couple shots in a row and made the comment “I have no legs.” That saying is a very common thing to hear in a pick-up game of basketball but what is uncommon is a response. This Junior in high … Continue reading Use Your Legs

Patience: My Word for 2018

I was pestering Lindsey, my wife, for a hair cut tonight, she is a hair stylist by training hence the salons we used to own, and she told me my word for 2018 should be patience. I didn’t know I needed a word for the year but then I got to thinking and she is … Continue reading Patience: My Word for 2018

1% Infinity

One percent infinity is the idea that if you focus on improving just one percent at a time you will incrementally get a little better and over the long term see great improvements. This isn’t a new idea and I’m not sure who first came up with it, but it is something that can be … Continue reading 1% Infinity

Controlling Cash Flow by Keeping Cash

Cash flow, both at work and home, is always on the mind. Kids make this even more a reality. Money goes out with the greatest of ease and sometimes without even really realizing it. It is great to say I’m going to help cash flow by making more money but easier said than done. You … Continue reading Controlling Cash Flow by Keeping Cash

The Biggest Investment Of Your Life

One of the most common statements when people talk about financial planning is that buying your home will be the biggest investment of your life. I have a problem with this because it implies that by purchasing a home to live in you are solidifying your financial future. The problem is that most the time, … Continue reading The Biggest Investment Of Your Life