Fun Consultant

What I Do:

I help the world have more fun. I want to put an end to stale environments and make sure people are having a great time wherever they are. I work with people to identify the perfect games and activities for their scenarios. No matter the age or setting, I can help you find the right way, from the subtle to the extreme, to make sure people are having a good time.

Who I work with:

  • Organizations wanting to create a fun atmosphere that makes the team want to be at work.
  • Organizers setting up corporate events or trade shows looking for fun ways to get people to interact.
  • Businesses like breweries, hotels, restaurants, or social clubs that want fun ways to attract customers.
  • Individuals planning an event like a wedding or birthday party.
  • Homeowners trying to create a fun space, whether that be a game room, man cave, she shed, kids’ bedroom, or outdoor space.
  • Developers, architects, and designers looking to make their project stand out by having fun spaces to separate them from the competition.
  • Property owners trying to make their vacation rental be the one people return to year after year.
  • Sports teams trying to build comradery out of the gym and off the field.

Getting started:

Contact me by phone, email, or social, and we will schedule a time to discuss your scenario and create a plan to have more fun!