Mowing Grass

A couple years back I had an interesting interaction that lasted for about a year. I got a phone call about someone interested in discussing the feasibility of building on a lot they owned. This is a very common call for me to get so I scheduled an appointment and out I went to look at the property. That was where the normalcy ended. I met a man who didn’t just own one lot but actually had five lots all connected and he didn’t really want them. He had acquired them as part of another investment, he wasn’t local, and really just wanted to move on. He did talk about building a house, but I could tell that wasn’t really what is end goal was.

He was the type of person that released information in bits and pieces, and I had a difficult time figuring him out. He had people all over the country working for him, but I could not figure out exactly what the business was or what each individual really did. What was very clear was that whatever it was that he actually did, he was very successful at it. He was always kind to me, but I got the impression he was not the type of person you would want to cross. Every time I agreed to help with another piece of his project, I was nervous that I was getting in too deep.

Over the course of a year we ended up maintaining the lots, putting in some utilities, and eventually I ended up helping him execute a sale of all five lots. Everything turned out great in the end. During this time, I interacted with regulatory, some in person, but more frequently over the phone. Trying to figure this guy out I always tried to make small talk and ask him questions. When I asked him what he was up to his answer was always “Just Mowing Grass!”

Like you right now, I was confused. “Mowing Grass?” I asked

“Yes, just mowing grass. Just getting stuff done.” He replied.

“Mowing Grass!” was his way of saying he is being productive and checking the boxes. It was his visual of pushing that lawn mower and every step you are accomplishing your task. This saying coming from this individual stuck with me. Here was this guy that seemingly did whatever he wanted; money did not appear to be a concern, yet every time I talked to him; he was still just mowing grass. To this day I don’t fully understand what he really did but whatever it was he was able to stay motivated to do it.

Now when I have those days or tasks in front of me that seem daunting or that there is not enough time, I tell myself I just need to start “Mowing Grass!”

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