2020 Word of the Year: Attitude

This year my word of the year is Attitude! Attitude is one of those things that I feel like is often overlooked. Most days we are going through the motion of life letting the things around us dictate what our attitude will be. If we start off the day by putting our shirt on backwards, spilling our coffee, and misplacing our keys a day cursed with a negative attitude may lay ahead. If on the flip side we find matching socks, a $20 in our pocket, and we catch all the green lights our day may be set. How silly though to let outside forces dictate how we are going to feel. Instead why not take control and just decide that no matter what, today I’m going to have a great attitude? Will things go perfectly? No. So what? Isn’t everything better with a great attitude? Yes. So why not make the good things great and the bad things, well, less bad by having a great attitude?

In 2019 I became very aware of attitude, both my own and others. I saw just how much a negative attitude cold bring people down and just how limiting it could be. A bad attitude can be detrimental to progress and prevent success. On the other hand, a good attitude can overcome obstacles and lead to great opportunities. Last year I was also exposed to some of the most incredible attitudes I have ever seen which is what inspired me to choose attitude as my word for 2020.

This year I want to try something new. In the past my word of the year has been mentioned a couple times and that was it. This year I really want to make it a theme for the year. I will be sharing some of the stories that led me to choose the word attitude and looking for new ones. I am excited to share these stories and hope you like the approach. I would also like to hear from you. If you have thoughts or anecdotes about attitude, I would love to hear them and possibly share them.

Together let’s make 2020 about having a great attitude!

4 thoughts on “2020 Word of the Year: Attitude

  1. Great blog post Tony. Attitude is a fickle trait. I have always admired people like yourself. People who manage to keep their chin up, and the glean in their eyes never seems to dwindle. People like this are always a joy to be around and you can’t help but walk away feeling a little more cheer than before.


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