Victory at Last!

Superbowl 54 was yesterday and for the first time in my lifetime the Kansas City Chiefs were one of the teams! I had been waiting about 30 years for this to happen which seems short to some fans who had been waiting 50 years since the Chiefs were last in and won Superbowl IV. That is quite the drought. It was not for lack of quality teams or talent. Over the years they almost made it multiple times and often had what seemed like the best team only to fall short before making it to the big game. Even as recent as last season they had gotten oh so close.

This year with high hopes, Patrick Mahomes and company, led by coach Andy Reid finally did it! They pulled off some incredible victories to make it to the Superbowl. After 30 years of always seeing my team fall short, I was prepared for another let down. They had finally arrived, but the 49ers with their tough defense would be a true test for the young quarterback. I was extremely excited but wanted to temper my enthusiasm knowing that victory was far from guaranteed.

The game, like my 30 years of rooting for the Chiefs was filled with ups and downs as they toyed with all the fans emotions and once again put themselves in a challenging position falling behind in the second half. As they stormed back taking the lead and eventually winning, I truly couldn’t believe it. They had done it. The Chiefs one the Superbowl and the taste of victory was oh so good!

There are certainly many lessons that can be drawn from this Superbowl win. The determination of the players to never give up even when down. The work put in to have the ability to execute when necessary to do so. The experience of the coaching staff to make the correct decisions that resulted in the win.

All those things are huge lessons and could probably have entire books written about them but my lesson from this is simple. It’s loyalty. Through thick and thin ups and downs Chiefs nation has stayed loyal to the team. For basically as long as I can remember I have been rooting for the Chiefs. Unwavering in my loyalty I can mark milestones in my life with what was happening with the team and who made up the roster. I can remember big games and where I watched them. Every season always ending with the bitter taste of defeat but every new season starting with renewed hope that this would be our year. For 50 years there are people who have been unwavering in their support for the Chiefs never letting their loyalty slip.

I have always valued loyalty as one of the best traits a person can have. I have experienced it with great friends and great coworkers. I have seen how in the end loyalty really does pay off for everyone involved. This year because of my loyalty to the Chiefs for the first time in my life the NFL season is not ending with the taste of defeat but with sweet sweet victory and how good it tastes!

So, when things don’t always go the way you want remember that loyalty will eventually win out.

GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!

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